Thursday, June 24, 2010

Press Release

Sexo Puro:

A Life in Brazilian Song

Suely Mesquita

interviewed by Bob Gaulke

published by Lesma e Lula/Verse Chorus Press

Working in the most vibrant music market in the world, Suely Mesquita sings, writes, performs, and teaches all over Brazil, drawing on 30 years of experience and producing more than 500 songs.

An exacting recording artist in her own right, Mesquita has released two albums, “Sexo Puro” (2002) and “Microswing” (2004), garnering universal critical acclaim. Writer and Brazilian music fan Bob Gaulke (“Embrace Your Insignificance” and “The Nervous Tourist,” both Future Tense Books) interviewed Mesquita over the summer of 2009 to create a multimedia package that serves as an introduction to Mesquita’s work for an international audience.

Working with Mesquita to select a CD’s worth of demos, live performances, and representative recordings, “Sexo Puro: A Life in Brazilian Song” presents a cross-section of songs, stories, and anecdotes that tell the story of an exemplary

artist’s journey through music.

Coming of age in 1970s Rio de Janeiro, Mesquita has written and recorded for such internationally known artists as Pedro Luís, Zeca Baleiro, Chico Cesar, Zélia Duncan, Celso Fonseca, Chico Saraiva, Fred Martins, Kátia B, Arícia Mess, Glauco Lourenço, Eugenio Dale, Kali C, Luís Capucho, Marcela Biasi, Ney Matogrosso, Fernanda Abreu, George Israel, Leoni, and Moska.

Format: Trade paperback 146 pp. + CD

Suggested Retail Price: $12.95 (US)

Available through:

Verse Chorus Dusty Groove

Press Agent:

Jaciara Rodrigues ph: 21. 8121-2474 :: 3256-2606 -

Friday, June 18, 2010

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Calling all music lovers, songwriters, performers, and cariocas (real and vicarious)

Here's one for you.

Sexo Puro: A Life in Brazilian Song takes readers and listeners on a tour of modern Brazilian music, from artist-composer Suely Mesquita's colorful childhood in '70s Rio to her work today as a sought-after songwriter and vocalist.

Mellifluous soprano and tireless collaborator Mesquita turns out hundreds of seductive songs while also performing and coaxing the next generation to the microphone.

Because music is Brazilians' best-known export and proudest resource, Sexo Puro comes with 19 tunes spanning Mesquita's career. She also provides a songwriting primer telling how it's done.

"Suely Mesquita offers serious music for us to enjoy, for the world to discover." —Kees Schoof,

"Suely Mesquita's exquisite lines, wild journeys, and delicious recipes continue to fascinate me."
—Zélia Duncan

"Suely Mesquita is a full-time artist's artist whose creativity gives her no rest." —Zeca Baleiro

"I love her swing and intelligent, humorous take on the human condition. Any subject or daily scene, collective or personal, gains a new shading with her chords and verses. Her voice makes us dance while telling us such divine secrets." —Fernanda Abreu